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Where is the Rock of Gibraltar?

A mini 426 m high in comparison to other places of interest, the Rock of Gibraltar is a raised mass of limestone rock near the southwestern tip of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is located in the British overseas territory of GibraltarWikipedia, 2018

What is special about The Rock of Gibraltar?

The Rock of Gibraltar is known as a haven for the Barbary Apes, a type of tail-less macaque and the only wild monkeys in Europe.

The Rock of Gibraltar is also known for over 100 caves since it is composed primarily of a soluble limestone mineral called calcite. St. Michael’s Cave, a popular tourist attraction, is the most prominent and located halfway up the western slope of the Rock.

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Gory but true, the remains of the Neanderthals, a Pre-Flood race descended from the cohabitation between humans and fallen Angels, were discovered in some of the limestone caves of Gibraltar. Presenting with receding foreheads and prominent brow ridges, the Neanderthals or Giants were widely distributed in ice-age Europe, due to fact that a few extremely tall ones survived that deluge which took place 1656 yeas after Creation according to Jewish historian Josephus.

Scientists found evidence that Gorham’s Cave, located near sea level on the eastern side of the Rock, was used by Neanderthals, with plant and animal remains in the cave providing evidence of their food intake.

This is the horrific outcome of genetic modication that no one really wants to believe…plus we get to hear about remains while on vacation…

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What does it mean to be a Rock of Gibraltar?

When people talk about being “solid as the Rock of Gibraltar” they mean that a thing is very safe or firm.

In keeping wih that belief, the motto of Gibraltar and its Royal Gibraltar Regiment is “No Enemy Shall Expel Us.” May the Rock of Gibraltar live forever.