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14 Safest Destinations To Travel To Right Now (In The Midst Of The Coronavirus)

Atlantic Ocean

The quick spread of coronavirus can partly be attributed to air travel, so a list of the safest destinations to travel to is pertinent right now.

Coronavirus AKA COVID-19 came from Wuhan in China and has since spread to almost every corner of the world. The biggest hotspots are currently in China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran – definitely not the places you should be visiting right now. The quick spread of the virus can partially be attributed to air travel, which leaves us wondering what that means for our upcoming travel plans.

While there are numerous sites on the internet that show just how far the new coronavirus has reached, there is not much information available on which countries (still) stand essentially unaffected by it. If you are looking for travel inspiration, you might want to consider one of the countries we have presented below. And remember: it is now more important than ever to be mindful of safety measures, so make sure you travel with disinfectant and wash your hands regularly.


14 Run Away From Crowds On Lofoten Islands, Norway

lofoten travelvia IG/Pinterest

Not many make it as far north as visitors of the Lofoten Islands do. Thanks to their insanely picturesque setting, the islands are a huge Instagram star and they might become a must-visit destination on every Norway travel itinerary. Pack your warmest clothes and see it before everyone else decides to do the same.

13 Adventure Awaits In South Africa

couple admiring the cape town viewvia Love Hard, Travel Often

South Africa is located right at the tip of the continent and you will definitely feel that when you will gaze into the ocean south of Cape Town. Far away from all the virus’s hotspots, you should feel safe in South Africa. Don’t miss out on visiting the famous Kruger National Park.


12 Now Is The Perfect Time To Visit Hungary

budapest parliament and woman walking towards st stephens basilicavia Leeds Bradford Airport/Pinterest

While Italy is closing down entire towns and the virus is slowly creeping towards Central Europe, Budapest in Hungary has reported no cases of coronavirus so far. The city of Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its unique charm and aesthetic will definitely leave a great impression.

11 New Zealand: Tucked Away At The Edge Of The World

group of young people on a hike in new zealandvia Tour Radar

Usually a downside to traveling to New Zealand, its remoteness is what makes it a compellingly safe vacation spot in times of a global health crisis. After seeing the natural beauty of the country and the laid-back lifestyle of its local people, you will most likely never want to leave.


10 You Can Feel Safe In Orderly Switzerland

switzerland countrysidevia Pinterest/IG

Switzerland is the political haven in Europe, but it could be a healthy one as well. If coronavirus were to sneak within the Swiss borders, this country would be on top of it. The photo above shows incredible views at the Alpine village of Lauterbrunnen.

9 Canada Has More Living Space Per Capita Than Most Other Countries

young family in alberta canadavia Travel Mad Mum

While it is a fact that Canada has been reporting cases of coronavirus, you have to keep in mind that the country has infinite amounts of space. Now is the time to see what Canada is all about besides cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.


8 Azores, Portugal: Breath-Taking Islands In The Middle Of The Atlantic

young woman walking through a garden in azores portugalvia Flickr

No one, not even a dangerous virus, will find you in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The Azores is comprised of nine absolutely stunning islands and if you are one to hike and see natural wonders, these Portuguese hidden gems are the go-to place for you to visit.

7 Poland Has Had No Confirmed Coronavirus Cases So Far

krakow poland and a girl in warsaw polandvia Pinterest/IG

Poland is a huge Eastern European country with so many picturesque cities you could easily tour the country for a few weeks before seeing it all. Krakow’s well-preserved architecture will send you time traveling, while the country’s capital Warsaw is one of the best history teachers in Europe.


6 Paradise On Earth Now More Than Ever: Hop On One Of The Small Caribbean Islands

st lucia infinity poolvia vietravel

Visit one of the smaller islands in the Caribbean, such as Aruba or St Lucia. Islands such as these do not see insane amounts of arrivals and departures. Huge airports where thousands of people transfer on a daily basis are the riskiest in terms of health right now.

5 Consider Argentina: South America Has The Least Cases Of Coronavirus

argentina girl travelingvia Pinterest

First contact with Argentina will most likely be the bustling city of Buenos Aires, a city with more cultural and architectural heritage than you can possibly learn about in just a few days. The country is so big you will never struggle with running into impossibly large groups of tourists.

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4 A True Cultural Gem, Chile Is A Great Country To Visit Right Now

chile easter island and national parkvia Trendopic/IG

Chile is one of the smaller countries in South America, but that doesn’t mean it is not absolutely amazing. In fact, its landscapes are incredibly versatile, ranging from dry deserts to some of the most beautiful glaciers in the world. Some lucky travelers even make it to Easter Island.

3 A Safe And Relaxing Vacation In Malta

Malta woman at the beachvia Sand In Our Hands

Another island country, Malta is right at the top of Mediterranean destinations right now. Not only is it safe and small, but it is also not packed with tourists all year round. While you can’t swim in the winter, the temperature is nonetheless warm – warmer than most other European destinations, at least.


2 Costa Rica: Go Where It’s Warm

costa rica travelsvia Pinterest

Embrace the tranquil lifestyle waiting for you in Costa Rica. This is where it’s incredibly easy to relax, notice what is most important in life and let go of all the rest. The authorities are closely monitoring any incoming flights from virus hotspot countries and so far, the country is completely safe.

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1 We Are Loving Iceland’s Isolated Location Right Now

green canyon in icelandvia Two Wandering Shoes

If you were ever planning on visiting this famous Nordic island, now is the time. You won’t encounter such dramatic landscapes anywhere else. While Iceland reported one case of the virus, the patient is in isolation, so you should consider yourself safe when you step foot on Icelandic soil.

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