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St. Vincent & the Grenadines



Private Jet Charter Flights to St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Air Charter Advisors is your best source for private jet and turboprop rentals, helicopter lifts and luxury yacht charters in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, a Caribbean island nation located in the Lesser Antilles, and part of the Windward Islands.

caribbeanColin Tennant

Source: Flickr

Chartering a private jet to (TVSA, SVD) Argyle International Airport is the most luxurious, stylish and comfortable way to start your tropical getaway, and our team aims to provide the best possible air charter service for private travelers.

ACA arranges private jet charter service to/from the St. Vincent & the Grenadines without any hidden fees, membership charges or long-term contracts. Enjoy access to thousands of private jets at a moment’s notice, whether you’re looking for an efficient, enjoyable, or extravagant charter flight.

St. Vincent Air Charter Advisors

Cotton House Resort

David BowieAir Charter Advisors offers all-inclusive, transparent air charter service for every flight. Our number one priority is the safety of each and every passenger — other brokers say the same thing, but how can you tell? When you work with ACA, you’re working with a Wyvern-certified Charter broker, one of less than 100 brokers worldwide to earn their accreditation.

When working with one of our Air Charter Advisors, you’ll have an experienced jet broker standing by to arrange all the details of your upcoming flights. Using Wyvern’s reporting tools, we go the extra nautical mile when reviewing the aircraft and crew options for your charter flight. Wyvern’s safety and auditing systems allows us to check operator history, aircraft maintenance and pilot experience to offer what we consider to be the best of the best.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with an air charter broker you can trust, and let Air Charter Advisors become your comprehensive solution for luxury air travel, aircraft acquisition and private jet management in the Caribbean.

We also offer luxury concierge services to go along with your charter flight, including gourmet catering, luxury ground transportation, and more. Private helicopter lifts, luxury yacht charters and other arrangements are available upon request. Give us a call at 1-888-987-5387 or request a quote now to book your luxury private flight to St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Airport for Private Charter Flights

Clients chartering a private jet to the islands will likely arrive on the main island of St. Vincent at its newly constructed (SVD) Argyle International Airport, although light and mid-size jets may be able to fly directly to (CIW) Canouan Airport as well. We can also arrange for a turboprop or luxury yacht charter, so you can continue to make your way across the Grenadines.

St. Vincent

(TVSA, SVD) Argyle International Airport
Longest Runway: 9,000 feet


(TVSM, MQS) Mustique Airport
Longest Runway: 3,255 feet

(TVSC, CIW) Canouan Airport
Longest Runway: 5,875 feet

(TVSB, BQU) J. F. Mitchell (Bequia) Airport
Longest Runway: 3,609 feet

(TVSU, UNI) Union Island Airport
Longest Runway: 2,467 feet

Aircraft for Charter Flights to St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Air Charter Advisors arranges private jet charter service to/from the Caribbean using the following aircraft, many of which are Wyvern-certified, and all of them operated by FAR Part 135 or 121 (or foreign equivalent) air carriers.

After requesting a free charter quote, we’ll provide you with a range of options based on the goals for your trip. Choose between a cost-effective flight to save time and avoid commercial travel, or opt for the nicest, most luxurious plane to complement your lavish Caribbean getaway.

Check out our Aircraft Gallery for more details; if you don’t see your preferred plane listed, speak to one of our brokers to see if it is available.

Piston | Turbo Props

  • Beech Baron 58
  • Cessna 340
  • Cessna Conquest II
  • Cessna Grand Caravan
  • Cessna Stationair
  • Cirrus SR-22
  • King Air 90
  • King Air 100
  • King Air 200
  • King Air 250
  • King Air 300
  • King Air 350
  • Piaggio Avanti II
  • Pilatus PC-12
  • Piper Cheyenne
  • Piper Malibu
  • Piper Matrix
  • Piper Meridian
  • Piper Navajo Chieftain
  • Piper Seneca

View all Pistons and Turbo-Props

VLJ | Light Jets | Super Light

  • Beechjet 400 / 400A
  • Cessna Citation Bravo
  • Citation CJ
  • Citation CJ2 / CJ2+
  • Citation CJ3 / CJ3+
  • Citation CJ4 / CJ4+
  • Citation Encore
  • Citation M2
  • Citation Mustang
  • Citation Ultra
  • Eclipse 500
  • Hawker 400XP
  • Honda Jet
  • Lear Jet 31 / 31A
  • Lear 35 / 35A
  • Lear 40 / 40XR
  • Lear 45 / 45XR (SLJ)
  • Nextant 400XT
  • Phenom 100
  • Phenom 300 (SLJ)

View all VLJ | Light Jets | Super Light

Mid-Size | Super-Mid Size Jets

  • Citation Excel / XLS
  • Citation Sovereign
  • Citation X (10)
  • Challenger 300 / 350
  • Falcon 50 / 50EX
  • Gulfstream G150 / G200 / G280
  • Hawker 700
  • Hawker 800 / 800A / 800XP / 850XPi
  • Hawker 900 / 900XP
  • Hawker 1000 / 4000
  • Lear 55
  • Lear 60 / 60XR
  • Legacy 500

View all Mid-Size and Super Mid-Size Jets 

Large | Heavy Jets

  • Challenger 601 / 604
  • Challenger 605 / 650
  • Challenger 850
  • Embraer Lineage 1000
  • Falcon 900 / LX
  • Falcon 2000 / EX / LX / LXS
  • Global 5000
  • Gulfstream G450
  • Gulfstream GIV / G4
  • Gulfstream GIV-SP / G4 SP
  • Lear 70 /75 
  • Legacy 600
  • Legacy 650

View all Heavy | Large Jets

Ultra-Long Range Jets

  • Falcon 5X
  • Falcon 7X
  • Falcon 8X
  • Global Express / XRS
  • Global 6000
  • Global 7000
  • Global 8000
  • Gulfstream GV / G5
  • Gulfstream G550/GV-SP
  • Gulfstream G600
  • Gulfstream G650 / ER

View all Long Range Jets

VIP Jumbo Jet Airliners

  • Airbus ACJ-318 Elite Corporate Jet
  • Airbus ACJ-319 VIP
  • Airbus ACJ-320 VIP
  • Airbus ACJ-321 VIP
  • Boeing Business Jet BBJ / BBJ2 / BBJ3
  • Boeing B-727 VIP
  • Boeing B-737 VIP
  • Boeing B-747 VIP
  • Boeing B-757 VIP
  • Boeing B-787 Dreamliner VIP
  • Bombardier CRJ-200

View all VIP Corporate Airliners

Visit | St. Vincent & the Grenadines

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Charter a private flight to Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, a nation of 32 islands and cays in the southern portion of the Windward Islands, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic.


Source: Flickr

The country consists of the main island (St. Vincent) and the northern two-thirds of the Grenadines, including Young Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, The Tobago Cays Marine Park, Union Island, Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent — the lower-third of the Grenadines belong to Grenada, located 85 miles to the southwest.

Many charter flights heading to St. Vincent and the Grenadines originate from neighboring Caribbean islands. Approximate flight times to St. Vincent: 35 minutes from Barbados; 30 minutes from Grenada; 45 minutes from Martinique; 20 minutes from St. Lucia; 2 hours 20 minutes from Puerto Rico.

All guests arriving in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines must present a valid passport, and visas are required for citizens of the following countries: China, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Nigeria. A return or onward ticket is also required for all visitors, and when needed, work permits can be obtained from the Prime Minister’s office on Bay Street in Kingstown.

Customs & Immigration: http://customs.gov.vc/


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is home to a gorgeous tropical climate with high temperatures ranging between 84°F in the winter, and 88°F during the summer.

Oliver MesselPalm Island

Source: Flickr

Rainfall is abundant, especially on the main island of Saint Vincent; in Kingstown, nearly 80 inches of rain falls annually, including over 8 inches between June and November. The only months in which the rainfall amount is lower than 4 inches are February, March and April.

This makes the best time to visit Saint Vincent and the Grenadines between February and April, given the less frequent rain storms and being just outside of Hurricane season of the year. A private flight to the islands in January is also suitable, though visitors might have a rain shower or two to deal with.

Luxury Hotels

Fly private to the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and enjoy a luxurious stay in one of their incredible five star resorts. The capital city Kingstown is home to the Buccament Bay Spa and Resort, however, most of St. Vincent will cater to crowds of tourists, and won’t offer the privacy found in the Grenadines.

Prime MinisterPrince

Source: Flickr

Some of the best resorts will be scattered across the Grenadines, most notably on the island of Mustique. Before Colin Tennant, Oliver Messel, Princess Margaret, and Mick Jagger gave the island its allure, Mustique was home to only a small number of fishermen and goats.

Today, the island is owned by the Mustique Company, a consortium of the island’s home owners. The Cotton House Resort is a premier five-star hotel located on the island, and there are approximately 100 private villas (http://www.grenadinevillas.com/), many of which are available for rent. Additionally, there is a privately owned seven-bedroom hotel called Firefly.

It’s favored by the Royal family as well — Queen Elizabeth II, the head of state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Prince Philip made private visits in 1966, 1977 and 1985; Prince William and Kate Middleton often vacation in Mustique.

Puerto RicoQueen

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip | Source: Archives New Zealand 

The island is so peaceful, that David Bowie left his Indonesian-inspired multi-pavilion villa saying the house was so tranquil and peaceful, he found it hard to get any work done. Noel Gallagher of Oasis, on the other hand, managed to write and demo many of the songs that wound up on the album Be Here Now while on holiday in Mustique.

Mustique is also home to its own airstrip — (TVSM, MQS) Mustique Airport — with a runway deliberately restricted to match the island’s vision as a very private, ultra-exclusive luxury destination. The Mustique Company has run their internationally renowned, private, exclusive resort – one of the most successful in the world – by catering to the world’s wealthiest, having done so for 50 years, all without an international airport in St. Vincent until February of 2017.

5 Star

Cotton House Resort
Mustique Island, Grenadines
+1 784-456-4777

Pink Sands Club and Canouan Estate
Carenage Bay, Canouan Island, Grenadines
+1 784-431-4500

4 Star

Palm Island Resort
Palm Island, Grenadines
+1 784-458-8824

Petit St. Vincent Resort
Petit St. Vincent, Grenadines
(954) 963-7401

Tamarind Beach Hotel & Yacht Club
Grand Bay, Canouan Island, Grenadines
+1 784-458-8044

Bequia Beach Hotel
Bequia, Grenadines
+1 784-458-1600

Yacht Charters

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are renowned for their incredible sailing conditions, crystal clear waters and rich, diverse reefs.

Favorable winds and beautiful weather make it one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Caribbean, and many clients enjoy matching the freedom and luxury of private aviation with a private luxury yacht charter.

Union IslandYoung Island

Source: Flickr

When chartering a private yacht, you’re free to explore all of the Grenadine islands, including Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Union, Palm Island, and petit St. Vincent. You can also set sail for neighboring islands in the Caribbean, including Grenada, Barbados and Saint Lucia.

Whether you’re a novice entertaining the thought or a seasoned captain with a luxury vessel at home, Air Charter Advisors can tackle all of the maritime arrangements for you and your crew! We’ve worked with operators around the world to connect clients to the right yacht while on holiday, accommodating budgets up to seven figures per week and beyond.

Discuss the goals of your trip with one of our brokers, and we’ll seamlessly add your private yacht charter to your trip itinerary in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Airport Information | St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Air Charter Advisors arranges private air charter service to/from St. Vincent & the Grenadines using the following airports. If you plan on staying at a specific resort, let one of our brokers know and we’ll select the closest airport to maximize your time on the islands.

(TVSA, SVD) Argyle International Airport – Argyle, St. Vincent Runway Length: 9,000 feet

Charter a private flight to Argyle International Airport (IATA: SVD, ICAO: TVSA), a newly constructed international airport on the island of Saint Vincent.

The airport broke ground in 2008, and finally received its first international flight — a charter flight — in February 2017. At that time, Argyle International was seeking investment opportunities for a myriad of aviation services, including catering, ground handling, cargo handling, and terminal operations, fixed based operators, and other services. There were no scheduled commercial flights at (SVD) Argyle International other than Liat Airlines and Caribbean Airlines, nor had the airport received IATA certification.

As of 2019, the airport serviced by several North American and Caribbean air carriers, including Air Canada, American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Liat Airlines, Mustique Airways, One Caribbean, Sunwing, SVG Air, and Trans Island Air. AIA Handling Services and Vincy Aviation Services offering FBO services including fueling, ground handling, and aircraft maintenance.

(TVSM, MQS) Mustique Airport – Mustique, Grenadines

Runway Length: 3,255 feet

(TVSC, CIW) Canouan Airport – Canouan, Grenadines

Runway Length: 5,875 feet

(TVSB, BQU) J. F. Mitchell Airport – Bequia, Grenadines

Runway Length: 3,609 feet

(TVSU, UNI) Union Island Airport – Union Island, Grenadines

Runway Length: 2,467 feet

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  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
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Request a Jet Charter Quote

Plan your stress-free holiday flight to the Caribbean with Air Charter Advisors. Request a Quote or give us a call at 1-888-987-5387 to speak with one of our St. Vincent & the Grenadines Private Jet Charter brokers and review all of the options for your private flight.


Guide to the Grenadines: an island for every traveler



Long the domain of savvy sailors and fly-in millionaires, the spectacular Grenadines also offer plenty for the independent traveler – you don’t need your own boat to fully explore the magnificent archipelago. Spanning the nations of St Vincent & the Grenadines and Grenada, the island chain offers a wide variety of authentic Caribbean experiences where nature is never far from the spotlight.

Features - Bequia_Grenadines_cs_web-e787d4af5900 A view of the bay at Port Elizabeth on Bequia © Westend61 / Getty Images


The most visited of the Grenadines and rightly so, beautiful Bequia is the quintessential slow-paced Caribbean island that really does have it all. Visitors can swim, dive or hike through dazzling natural beauty by day and then soak up the tropical atmosphere in the evening, sipping cocktails or tucking into a gourmet meal on a panoramic terrace.

Among its many draw cards are Princess Margaret Beach and Lower Bay, two wonderful stretches of sand backed by lush greenery, just a short hike from the capital Port Elizabeth.

As the second largest island in the chain, Bequia offers plenty of attractions for nature lovers. There are good drift dives along the leeward side of the north of the island while the remote hilly north of the island affords ample opportunity for exploration; climb some of the imposing forested peaks for fine views of St Vincent and other Grenadine islands.

Getting there: Visiting Bequia is a breeze thanks to its efficient regular fast ferry service linking it with Kingstown on St Vincent Island. SVG Air has flights from the airport on the south of the island to Kingstown, Barbados and St Lucia.


Best for: Kicking it with rock stars

Mysterious Mustique, home to rock stars and the uber wealthy, is the island that fomented the image of the Grenadines as playground for the rich and famous.

The private island has some of the priciest accommodations in the region – if you have the bank balance, you can crash at the Balinese themed villa built by David Bowie. But you don’t need to be rolling in it to visit – day trips on yachts from Bequia allow visitors to get a taste of Mustique’s manicured lawns and pure tropical perfection. Visitors can lie about on pristine beaches and take a drink at iconic Basil’s Bar overlooking the main harbor – you never know who might be at the next table.

Getting there: There are no public ferry services to Mustique. Travelers can visit on a day sailing cruise from Bequia; a recommended boat is the elegant Caribbean schooner Friendship Rose. Visitors with accommodation can find regular flights from Barbados, Kingstown, Grenada and Saint Lucia with Mustique Airways.

Tobago Cays 

Uninhabited and protected as a marine park, the gorgeous Tobago Cays are the highlight of any trip to the Grenadines. Surrounded by an impressive barrier reef, they offer some of the best snorkeling in all of the Caribbean with warm, shallow waters filled with hard corals that are alive with marine life, including a thriving population of marine turtles.

The beauty of the cays is no secret among travelers, but they rarely feel overrun thanks to their remote location and lack of development. A day trip here is a thoroughly relaxing experience with bouts of snorkeling, swimming and lazing on the sands interrupted only by freshly caught seafood meals.

Getting There: There is no public transportation to the Tobago Cays, but it’s possible to charter a small boat for a day trip from any one of the populated Grenadine islands; Mayreau is the cheapest departure point, followed by Union Island. To see the cays in style, book a sailing tour from Union Island on the pirate ship Scaramouche.

Features - Sailing, Tobago Cays, Saint Vincent, Caribbean The Tobago Cayes offer up crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling © Norbert Eisele-Hein / Getty Images


Best for: Relaxing beaches, bar hopping

Tiny Mayreau may not have a hospital, school or any police, but the glorious lack of development doesn’t stop the small population of locals from having a good time. Mayreau is famed locally for its hard partying. In fact, those that work on the boats swear that Mayreau’s weekly beer order far eclipses that of far larger neighbor Union Island.

Apart from bar hopping, there are plenty of other reasons to pay a visit. The island is part of the Tobago Cays marine park and boasts spectacular beaches. Long a secret amongst yachties in the know, Salt Whistle Bay on the northern tip of the island is one of the most perfect bays in the Grenadines: a full horseshoe-shaped crescent of brilliant white sand lined with coconut palms that looks almost too good to be true. It’s a fantastic place to swim.

The undeveloped nature of Mayreau means there are plenty of rarely visited smaller bays to discover, and the small size of the island means you’re never too far from home (or cold beers) once you tire of exploration.

Getting there: Some southern Grenadines ferry services, including the MV Barracuda, call at Mayreau on the Kingstown-Union Island run. Alternatively, a school boat runs between Clifton on Union Island and Mayreau every weekday morning and afternoon. There’s no airstrip on Mayreau.

Features - Caribbean, Antilles, Lesser Antilles, Grenadines, Mayreau, Twassante Bay, seaside cafe at beach Enjoy a seaside cocktail on Mayreau © Westend61 / Getty Images


Best for: Private beaches, snorkeling

A tale of two islands – Canouan is a peculiar place that, in some ways, shows the perils of tourism development. Once a normal Grenadine paradise, more than half of the island was sold off by the SVG government to private investors for a mega resort project leaving local residents bunched up in the village on the southern reaches of the isle without access to some of Canouan’s loveliest spots. Of course if you’re staying in the resort, you will enjoy access to absolutely stunning beaches with first class snorkeling and zero crowds.

While many of the nicest beaches are within the resort boundaries, there is also fine snorkeling and some lovely sands to the south and east of the village of Charlestown, although infrastructure on the island is limited for independent visitors.

Getting there: Canouan is accessible by ferry services running between Kingstown on St Vincent and Union Island (try the MV Barracuda or MV Gem Star). There are flights to Kingstown and Union Island – a five-minute hop over the channel – with SVG Air.

Union Island 

Best for: Kiteboarding, meeting locals

An outpost at the far southern end of the St Vincent Grenadines and across an international border, mountainous Union Island has traditionally been off the radar for many visitors but has recently been discovered by a new wave of adventurous independent travelers.

With a couple of laid back villages and no major resorts, it’s one of the best islands for visitors to mix it up with locals. The main street in Clifton is lined with little cafes and restaurants, and it’s a fun place to relax in the evening after sun-soaked adventures.

As a true Grenadine, Union is not without its share of astonishing natural beauty. Big Sand on the west side of the island is a wonderful crescent of powdery white fronted by brilliant turquoise sea and framed by jungle covered bluffs. The waters to the east of the airport runway on the north side of the island offer some of the best kiteboarding in the archipelago.

Getting there: Union is the last stop on the southern Grenadines ferry routes from Kingstown, and both the MV Gem Star and MV Barracuda spend the night here. The small local airport receives regular flights from Kingstown as well as less frequent services from Grenada, St Lucia and Barbados. Bookings can be made through SVG Air.

Features - Union Island, Clifton A fruit shop in Clifton, Union Island © Sylvain Sonnet / Getty Images


Home to the Grenadines’ most vibrant carnival as well as one of its leading music festivals, Carriacou is the archipelago’s largest island and also its most cultured. Sure, it has the requisite first class beaches – Paradise Beach on the west side of the island very much lives up to its name, while secluded Anse La Roche is a delightful cove surrounded by bush with coral reefs just offshore – but there’s also plenty going on once the sun goes down.

Carnival in Carriacou is a raucous affair involving oil-covered bodies dancing in the street until the early hours. But Carriacou Carnival’s biggest claim to fame is the intriguing Pierrot or ‘Shakespeare Mas’, where pairs of costumed men recite verses from the bard and bash each other with sticks if they fluff their lines.

Other cultural showpieces include the Big Drum Dance – an ancestral dance performed on special occasions and accompanied by plenty of rum – and the Carriacou Maroon and String Band festival, a full on celebration of drumming, dancing and smoked foods.

Getting there: Carriacou is one of the easiest islands in the Grenadines to visit thanks to the regular fast ferry service run by Osprey Lines from St Georges on Grenada, which has good international air links.