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The Best Places to Travel in Europe in March

central Sweden
It’s shoulder season in Europe, and the kids are off from school — what more inspiration do you need to catch a flight overseas? If you’re planning a last-minute getaway, the possibilities for a springtime vacation are many. 

Is Dublin’s famous St Patrick’s Day Parade calling to you? Or perhaps you’d rather spend spring break lounging on a balmy Mediterranean island. Maybe you’ll spend a week trekking through a remote forest in central Sweden, or admiring one of the most famous flower blooms on Earth.  

Whether you’re seeking adventure or a low-key retreat, March is the perfect time to experience some of Europe’s loveliest sights: minus the blistering summer heat and roving crowds.

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To help you find the absolute best places to travel in Europe this month, we looked at popular (and sometimes underrated) annual events, noteworthy hotel and restaurant openings, sought out exceptional weather, and considered destinations on our list of the 50 Best Places to Travel in 2018

What we found were hidden Slovenian lake towns where travelers can explore a beautifully preserved medieval castle and new, scenic train routes connecting northern Italy and Germany.

March is also the beginning of festival season in Europe, so there are a dizzying number of opportunities to make merry with locals, be it at a citrus-inspired carnival in southern France, or a street parade with life-size puppets in Spain.

Ready to book a European holiday? These are the best places to visit this month.


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Known For : Kilmainham Gaol Phoenix Park National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology

The history, the food, the architecture, the stories, and of course the pubs, Dublin is always among the list of favourite cities of people who’ve ever been there. Being the capital, Dublin is a major global city. It caters to the requirements of all sorts of tourists and travellers, from pubs to castles, and churches to parks, there is something for everyone here. Dublin is also the centre of Ireland’s tourist attractions. There are plenty of old monuments, none more famous than the Dublin Castle, built in 1204, and new ones such as the Dublin Spire built in 2003. The number of parks laid out throughout the city are countless, such as the Phoenix Park, St. Stephen’s Park, and St. Annes Park. The National Museum of Ireland is also found here, and Dublin is also home to many events and festivities throughout the year. And then, of course, a visit to Ireland is incomplete without indulging or even drowning, yourself in the local Irish beer.

Best Time: May to September

15 Dublin Attractions