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44 Countries, 1 Continent! Check Out Our List Top 20 European Places To Visit


Known For : Kilmainham Gaol Phoenix Park National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology

The history, the food, the architecture, the stories, and of course the pubs, Dublin is always among the list of favourite cities of people who’ve ever been there. Being the capital, Dublin is a major global city. It caters to the requirements of all sorts of tourists and travellers, from pubs to castles, and churches to parks, there is something for everyone here. Dublin is also the centre of Ireland’s tourist attractions. There are plenty of old monuments, none more famous than the Dublin Castle, built in 1204, and new ones such as the Dublin Spire built in 2003. The number of parks laid out throughout the city are countless, such as the Phoenix Park, St. Stephen’s Park, and St. Annes Park. The National Museum of Ireland is also found here, and Dublin is also home to many events and festivities throughout the year. And then, of course, a visit to Ireland is incomplete without indulging or even drowning, yourself in the local Irish beer.

Best Time: May to September

15 Dublin Attractions


Europe Places Travel Guide


See a Map of Europe Europe Map.

Europe Places to Go, See and Visit. Castles, museums and art galleries, history, cathedrals, sunny beaches, alpine retreats, gardens and national parks as well as the many diverse cities and villages that dot the European continent await discovery.

About Europe Places

If your looking for fun, entertainment, history, arts, music, culture, sports, beaches and mountain adventure Europe has plenty of places to visit. No one in their lifetime can hope to explore all of them.

We have chosen some of the well known Europe places to go, see and visit, as well as many off the main routes.

Europe History

Europe is the result of the geological movements over millions of years and the changing weather conditions. Man has occupied this continent for at least many thousands of years, changing the pristine landscape to cities, towns and vast tracts of cultivated lands. Yet there is plenty of nature to explore, from the snow covered high mountains of Switzerland to the stunning island vistas of Greece.

Europe Travel

Much of Europe is easily accessible via road, train, ferry, plane, bicycles and on foot. Information on places to stay, cafés, restaurants, where to shop, travel information and where can kids have fun are answers to questions most visitors would seek at some time before planning where to go.

Before deciding where to go and where to stay, a bit of planning will pay large dividends for your enjoyment. After all, you can vacation Europe in style or perhaps longer on a budget.

Restaurants in Europe

The cuisines of Europe are well known around the world, the best examples are usually found in their home country. Restaurants in Europe cater for diverse tastes, you will find excellent Italian, French, Spanish, Greek and other European restaurants, but also Mexican, South American, Asian, Indian, Mid East and African.

European Wine Culture

Famed regions of France produce wonderful wines, from places such as Champagne and Bordeaux to Burgundy. Wines from Europe, of course, do not end there.

Although wine making existed before the Romans, they spread their wine culture to every corner of their Empire. From the delicate to the robust tasty wines of Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece and beyond, you can find great wines available in most places throughout Europe.

Maps of Europe

Europe Tourist Maps – Find the routes to take in as much as you may want with the time you have.

Amsterdam Places

About the places to visit in Amsterdam Amsterdam Europe.

Photo: The Colosseum, Rome,

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The Ministry of Health & the Environment is located on the first floor of the Government Ministerial Building, situated on Halifax Street.


Ministry of Health and the Environment
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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


Rock of Gibraltar: Impac Jazz Photo

Where is the Rock of Gibraltar?

A mini 426 m high in comparison to other places of interest, the Rock of Gibraltar is a raised mass of limestone rock near the southwestern tip of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is located in the British overseas territory of GibraltarWikipedia, 2018

What is special about The Rock of Gibraltar?

The Rock of Gibraltar is known as a haven for the Barbary Apes, a type of tail-less macaque and the only wild monkeys in Europe.

The Rock of Gibraltar is also known for over 100 caves since it is composed primarily of a soluble limestone mineral called calcite. St. Michael’s Cave, a popular tourist attraction, is the most prominent and located halfway up the western slope of the Rock.

Rock of Gibraltar on https://travelblog.impacjazz.org

Gory but true, the remains of the Neanderthals, a Pre-Flood race descended from the cohabitation between humans and fallen Angels, were discovered in some of the limestone caves of Gibraltar. Presenting with receding foreheads and prominent brow ridges, the Neanderthals or Giants were widely distributed in ice-age Europe, due to fact that a few extremely tall ones survived that deluge which took place 1656 yeas after Creation according to Jewish historian Josephus.

Scientists found evidence that Gorham’s Cave, located near sea level on the eastern side of the Rock, was used by Neanderthals, with plant and animal remains in the cave providing evidence of their food intake.

This is the horrific outcome of genetic modication that no one really wants to believe…plus we get to hear about remains while on vacation…

Earth’s Earliest Historical Calendar – Revealed In The Book Of Genesis

How Old Is The Earth?

BOOK I. Containing The Interval Of Three Thousand Eight Hundred And Thirty-Three Years. — From The Creation To The Death Of Isaac.

The Book of Enoch

What does it mean to be a Rock of Gibraltar?

When people talk about being “solid as the Rock of Gibraltar” they mean that a thing is very safe or firm.

In keeping wih that belief, the motto of Gibraltar and its Royal Gibraltar Regiment is “No Enemy Shall Expel Us.” May the Rock of Gibraltar live forever.


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