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car park

St Vincent’s La Soufrière volcano dominates the northern part of the island and a hike to its summit is a highlight for adventurous travelers.

The crater is an otherworldly environment with shag-carpet-like moss growing on the ground and mounds of black rocks all around. There are also some active sulfur outlets.

There are two routes to the top. The easiest route, and the one that is officially promoted to visitors, begins from the windward side of the island, where a proper trail leads up from the car park to the summit. It’s a moderate 2½-hour hike.

But if you’re looking for real adventure, consider the leeward trail that begins near Chateaubelair at the end of the Leeward Hwy. It´s a longer, more challenging hike, but you’ll be rewarded with views of both the volcano and the sea all the way up, and there’s more bush along the trail. It takes around four hours from the trailhead and a local guide is essential as the path is not clearly marked.