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North Vietnam Highlights Destinations


North Vietnam is one of the best impressive destinations for all travelers who want to discover the mountainous area in the North. However, you cannot have enough time to visit all the places, Ha Giang and Lao Cai are the north Vietnam highlights for you to explore. Travel Sense Asia will show you the attractive destinations for your adventure tour in the upland region.

Ha Giang – the North pole of Vietnam

Coming to Ha Giang, you will be surprised because of the majestic and specular landscapes with the various culture during the journey. In this destination, you can visit the famous places like Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac or Hoang Su Phi.

Quan Ba

Quan Ba is located about 46 km from Ha Giang City, following the National road 4C, you will reach the highest point of Quan Ba, it is Quan Ba Heaven-gate, about 1500m above the sea level. From here, you will feel colder, sometimes this point is full of cloud and mist. Especially, Quan Ba is famous for the Quan Ba Twin Mountains – the special art from Mother of Nature. In the mountain’s foot, you can see the rice terraces with the roof of local houses, the best time to visit here is in the September and Early October when the rice is coming golden and the dry season begins.

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Visiting a village here is the best experience for you, you can explore the custom, culture, lifestyle of the local people such as the Red Dao people in Nam Dan village. Moreover, you should overnight at a homestay, in order to know deeply the way of life and have enough time to interact with the local.

Dong Van

It is a highland border district of Ha Giang, Vietnam, about 150 km from Ha Giang City, you will drive about 4 hours to get there. Dong Van is one of the famous attractions for the people who love discovering and adventure the sightseeing, the culture, the local lifestyle

Lung Cu Flag: This is the must-see place in Dong Van district with the height odd 34.85m and located on the peak of Rong mountain with the height of 1.470m. Lung Cu Flag tower is decorated by Dong Son bronze drum surface – the symbol of Vietnam with the national flag with an area of 54 m2 which is representing for 54 ethnic groups. From the Lung Cu flag, you will admire the specular and majestic of natural scenery of Dong Van Karst Plateau, the terraced rice fields and the roofs of local houses in the valley.

Dong Van ancient quarter – where has preserved the traditional beauties of some ethnic communities like H’Mong, Tay… This ancient quarter is bustle on the weekends because of the weekly market. Besides trading goods, local people from many ethnic groups and other places in their colorful brocade costume come here to meet and exchange the various culture, the traditional cuisines… This will create the colorful picture of an upland quarter.

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Dong Van Karst Plateau is located at the height of 1000 meters above the sea level and is formed by the narrow valleys and plenty of rocky mountain range. This plateau was recognized as one of 77 geological parks in the world by UNESCO in 2010. The surface of this geological park is covered with plenty of limestone and rocky peaks at over 2000 meters above the sea level. You can take a trek in the rocky parks with a local guide, and they will show you the best view of the valley here, interact with local people or ethnic children who live around here. The park is so large with 2,300 km2, spreads over some district: Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh, Quan Ba; and the center of Rock Plateau is Dong Van district.

Hoang Su Phi

This is border district of Ha Giang province, among the most untouched areas in the upland region. It is difficult to visit here because of the small mountainous road and quite far from Hanoi so it was separated from the mainstream society until now. However, Hoang Su Phi is the best destination of the rice terraced fields, you can be admired for their beauty when the rice fields become golden each September.

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Sitting at the medium height of 1500 – 1700m, the weather in Hoang Su Phi is cool and cold around a year so you should prepare the warm clothes if you have a chance to visit here. Hoang Su Phi is also famous for 2 highest mountains and they are the roof of Northeast Vietnam: Tay Con Linh (2,423 meters) and Chieu Lau Thi (2,402 meters). To reach the peak of the mountain, you will climb and trek through many specular landscapes, the rice terraced fields, the local village… and we make sure that you will be charmed by their pristine beauty.

Hoang Su Phi is the home of some ethnic groups like Nung, Tay, Red Dao, Long Tunic Dao, La Chi, Hmong, Co Lao… You will discover the culture, costume, lifestyle of the local. The best activities here are trekking, hiking, biking; all most visitors choose trekking throughout the valley and the village. Each village in Hoang Su Phi has the authentic culture, so you will be surprised every day. Moreover, if you visit Hoang Su Phi on Sunday morning, do not miss the weekly market, local people from every village come here, exchange goods and culture, meet friends, drink corn wine and enjoy the local food. You will be offered the amazing opportunity and known more about their lifestyle.

Lao Cai province – one of the best destination of north Vietnam highlights
Bac Ha Sunday Market

If you have a north Vietnam highlights tour, do not forget the must-visit destination – this is Bac Ha Sunday Market. Like Hoang Su Phi Market, Bac Ha market also opens in each Sunday, and only one time per week so you should arrange your itinerary suitable with this fixed schedule. Coming to the remote market, you will get up early because it is really hustle and bustle in the morning.

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To reach the Sunday market, the locals have to walk or drive motorbike a long distance, passing many mountains, hills, valleys. However, the distance isn’t a problem and cannot prevent them from joining the colorful market. This market is not only a place for buying and selling the products, goods but also an opportunity for the local people to come and meet their friends, relatives. Both men and women wear their beautiful handmade traditional costumes and enjoy the local food, drink wine. If you have a chance to join it, you should try the food as well as corn wine, it is so exciting.

Bac Ha Sunday market exchanges many types of products such as handicrafts, food, livestock, poultry, blacksmith… If you want to buy a souvenir, you can choose brocade, handicrafts; they are easy to bring.

Villages in Sapa

Ban Ho village

This stunning village is far from Sapa downtown about 20 km to the Southwest and is home of some ethnic groups, including Mong, Dao, Nung, Tay, Dzay. You will be admired because of the charming nature, the long-standing customs and the friendly and hospitable people. And especially, you can amaze when the locals give the invitation to a meal in their house or stay overnight and participate in the daily routines.

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To visit Ban Ho village, you cannot drive or ride, you have a way to visit it – trekking throughout the valley, the mountain in order to discover the pristinely stunning beauty here. There are some hark trekking routes with many specular landscapes as well as the stunning culture features. Moreover, you will be surprised at the most pristine images of traditional houses scattered along the streams and the hillsides. Staying one night at a homestay is a great idea for you when visiting Ban Ho Village, you will enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere in the local family, know more about the culture, the cuisine, daily routines of them.

Nam Toong village

Coming to Sapa, you want a hard trekking or an adventure tour, you should choose Nam Toong village for your itinerary. This village is well-known as a great place if you want a stunning nature, traditional culture, and tranquil atmosphere. The best time to visit Nam Toong is in the golden season – when the rice terraced fields harvest, you will admire the yellow color of the rice fields and the simple stilt houses lying on the mountainsides, hillsides.

Hoang Su Phi

To explore the best view of Nam Toong village, you should trek along the trail or the mountainous path, meet the local – Red Dao who live here many years ago and no one can know when was it.

In conclusion, the destinations of north Vietnam highlights are so suitable for the visitor who wants to discover the adventure tour. And there are a lot of wonderful things waiting for you there. Let’s plan an amazing trip with us!

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