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St. Vincent and the Grenadines Holidays 2021/2022 | Holiday Package Deals


St. Vincent and the Grenadines Holiday

Like many of its Caribbean counterparts, this 32-island chain features secluded beaches, tiny cays and colourful coral reefs. Unlike other areas, it has few tourists. Find charming destinations not heavily frequented by cruise ships on the chain of 32 islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The forested volcanic islands, white beaches and coral reefs here are as beautiful as any on the more popular Caribbean islands. St. Vincent and the Grenadines feel peaceful and secluded due to the lack of tourists. Relax here on a tiny cay that seems truly apart from the bustle of civilization.

St. Vincent is the chain’s largest and main island. The much smaller island of Bequia features some of the best beaches on miles of secluded shoreline, yet it has an area of only 7 square miles (18 square kilometres). Cool off in the calm waters of Princess Margaret Beach and Lower Bay Beach, both of which open onto the bay of Port Elizabeth on the island’s west side. Afterward, enjoy inexpensive seafood meals. When the wind shifts, discover isolated Industry Bay on the island’s northeast side.

Spend at least one day snorkeling or diving in the islands’ coral reefs. St. Vincent’s Bat Cave is a great spot for experienced divers. This deep, dark opening in seaside cliffs opens to a popular roosting place for bats. Watch the flying mammals flitting above as you explore the cave’s waters. Take a boat to the Tobago Cays, five tiny islands in the middle of the Grenadines surrounded by Horseshoe Reef.

Explore St. Vincent for the country’s best inland pleasures. Kingstown, the capital, is a lively Caribbean port. Visit on Saturdays to see the town’s daily market at its busiest and purchase fresh and juicy local melon. Trek into the rainforest-covered interior of the island, where you can climb up the cone and into the crater of the active La Soufriere Volcano.

Fly into St. Vincent and the Grenadines via the international airport just outside Kingstown. Navigate between the islands by hiring a boat and crew or renting your own sailboat or motorboat.


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This cluster of Caribbean islands has long been a getaway go-to for jet-setters and royalty, yachties and celebrities. Now, it’s your turn to take in the uncluttered isles of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Settle in a swaying, seaside hammock, lulled by calming waves and a dense, tropical backdrop. Sail to deserted, quiet cays, dive into coral-rich waters, and claim this elite hotspot for yourself.

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With 32 islands to choose from, most all-inclusive resorts are located on Saint Vincent island or the island of Bequia. On Saint Vincent, climb up La Soufrière volcano and visit the capital of Kingstown with its historic forts. Bequia bedazzles with the charming town of Port Elizabeth and nearby Princess Margaret Beach. Tick off must-sees with our Saint Vincent and the Grenadines packages!