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14 Best Places To Visit in USA in January

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Masterminding an escape plan from the bitter cold wintry doldrums to one of the best places to visit in the USA in January can be a bit of a double-edged proposition.  The obvious choice is to hop on your favorite vacation planning site, delight your eyes in a cache of travel porn, and purchase the next available flight to a warm, sunny, and in all likelihood tropical destination.  

You’ve been walled up in an office cubicle from nine to five for the past God knows how long, only to retreat to your home, traversing iced-encrusted roadways and snow-caked sidewalks.  Weekend walks to your favorite neighborhood cafe or bistro are almost not even worth the effort given the bone-chilling winds that “greet” you upon opening your front door and “caress” your already-numb face as you trudge through whatever hellish precipitation happens to be on the day’s weather menu.  Public spaces in your city or town are absolutely off-limits for anyone whose ancestry isn’t one hundred percent Nordic Viking.  Let’s be honest, a tranquil afternoon stroll through the park loses a lot of its allure when it carries with it potential encounters with abominable snowmen, polar bears, and white walkers.  Whether deliberately or unwittingly, you’ve been relegated, almost exclusively, to activities that demand your staying indoors.  Winter has come and is putting a firm emphasis on the “chill” of Netflix and Chill.  No wonder birds fly south for the winter.

14 Best Places To Visit in USA in January

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The not-so-obvious travel decision, however, would be to look into a similarly wintry destination as a potential getaway.  I know what you’re thinking: “You just put everything wrong with winter and cold months on a neon billboard.  Why on Earth would I go to another place that would be exactly the same?”  The answer to that excellent question, concerned reader, is: because it would not be exactly the same.  For all of its faults, winter certainly has a few desirable aspects sprinkled in as well, making it worth considering a destination with similarly cold, but significantly more charming features.  Picture a quaint town nestled in a majestic snow-capped mountain range, replete with dozens of immaculate slopes, trails, and unexplored local treasures all at the tips of your fingers.  Or how about a cozy forest cabin escape where every day is met with crisp, dewy air, enticing hikes, and cozy evenings in front of a fire with those you care for the most?

Ultimately, your winter destination is up to you–a product of your taste in surroundings, temperature, activities, and culture.  As you slog your way through the malaise of end-of-year travel planning though–Thanksgiving at grandma’s, perhaps holidays at on of the Best Places to Visit in USA in December, or New Years at the in-laws, take some time out and consider treating yourself to luxuriant January getaway.  Whether soaking up some color beneath the rays of radiant coastal sunshine, or exploring some other previously uncharted locale, bleak, overcast days at the beginning of the year offer the perfect excuse to pack your bags and spend a bit of time elsewhere.

Using data on frequently-visited US cities in the month of January, as well as suggestions coming from Huffington Post, Travel and Leisure,  Budget Travel, to name a few, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to visit in the USA in January.  Have a look, get inspired, and start prepping for the travel experience of a lifetime!


6 Lakes in America that you Must Visit in your Lifetime


Lake holidays are usually associated with summers in the U.S., but with the abundance of lakes in the country, you are sure to find one for every season, and for every mood.

There’s something about spending a day out in a lake that excites Americans of all ages – this is perhaps the reason why lake travel has more fans than romantic getaways and family trips.

There are so many lakes in the U.S. to choose from that you will be truly spoilt for choice. Location, recreational activities, and your own preference can be considered important factors before you decide where to head to. As online facilities make it easy to know the visa requirements to US, travelers can plan their itineraries with more clarity. Here’s the ultimate guide to the best lakes in the U.S. for a relaxing and rejuvenating day out.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake

There’s plenty to explore in the Crater Lake in Oregon. From lava formations to underwater mass meadows, the deepest lake in the world attracts tourists from all over America. International tourists visiting Oregon also make it a point to visit this beautiful lake, as word-of-mouth about its blue, clear water has gained it much fanfare.

While there are a number of waters sports activities, the area in the vicinity of the lake makes up for a great day out. Some of the recreational activities that you can pursue include hiking, backpacking, and sightseeing.

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, California

The ultimate holiday experience in California comes true with a trip to Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is one of the best places to visit in America. From the usual water activities to golfing and shopping, Lake Tahoe offers it all for the discerning traveler.

Some of the most frequented tourist attraction centers in Lake Tahoe include the Emerald Bay State Park, Squaw Valley, Kings Beach State Recreation Area, and D.L. Bliss State Park. Many tourists flock to the lake during the summers, as kayaking and other water recreational activities gain prominence.

Lake Coeur d’Alene

Lake Coeur d’Alene 

If you are wondering where to go in America, Lake Coeur d’Alene can be the answer. Created as a result of the ancient Ice Ages, this beautiful lake offers visitors spectacular views, including some really gorgeous beaches and bald eagles! The 135 mile long shoreline of this beautiful lake is dotted with numerous facilities for recreation. You will find a number of parks and playgrounds where you can easily spend a relaxing day out with your family. Right around the lake is the City Park and Beach, where you can enjoy volleyball in sandy beaches. There is plenty of wildlife to explore as well, with swans and ospreys wandering out in the environs, especially during the summers.

Lake George, New York

Lake George, New York 

If you are a frequent visitor to the Big Apple, you must have heard about how beautiful it is to spend a day at Lake George. Also known as the Queen of American Lakes, Lake George extends over 32 miles. The lake becomes the perfect host to summertime tourists.

The lake and adjoining areas offer everything that one looks for in a perfect day out. Hot air ballooning remains a popular activity in Lake George, and enthusiasts from all over gather at Glens Falls, in the vicinity of the lake. The resorts and picnic spots in the area round Lake George have made it America’s premier lake holiday destination. And, the fact that it is located in Big Apple means there is a mix of local and international tourists.

Newfound Lake, New Hampshire

Newfound Lake, New Hampshire 

The Newfound Lake in New Hampshire has been a center of tourist activity for decades. Thanks to the resorts and hotels that have sprung up in the vicinity of the lake, tourists of all ages, and from different nationalities can be found enjoying great holidays here.

During the summers, various recreational activities are organized, including Hebron Gazebo Programs and Mooseman Triathlon. There are plenty of options for hiking around the lake, including Mount Cardigan, Alexandria and Round Top, Bristol. Overall, if you are looking to spend a great day out at the shores, Newfound Lake in New Hampshire will not disappoint you.

Deer Lake, Minnesota

Deer Lake, Minnesota 

Deer Lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Minnesota. It is also known as the Lake of Changing Colors, as it changes its color during the summers. There are a host of tourist activities, including water activities and exploration. There are beautiful resorts in the vicinity of the Deer Lake, which make up for a relaxing and rejuvenating travel experience.

These were the best six lakes in the U.S. that are favorite among tourists from all over. Considering the size of the country, you may not be able to visit all – rather, if you are in any of the states, you can choose to spend a great time at these beautiful lakes.

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