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Best Places To Travel Alone In Europe In 2021: BudgetTravelBuff


Are you a die-hard solo traveler? Looking for some of the best places to travel alone in Europe? You have landed on the right page. Traveling is one and the only thing that gives me ultimate peace. It’s not only about exploring a new place but beyond that traveling gives me an opportunity to meet new people, to learn a different culture, to taste local cuisine and many more.  


Best Places to Travel Alone in EuropeBest Places to Travel Alone in Europe

This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay any extra penny, but I’ll get a small commission that encourages me to deliver more helpful content for you.

However, being a frequent traveler it’s not possible for me to travel with my friends all the time. Hence I travel alone sometimes and it gives me total freedom to do whatever I want during my solo trip. Although you might have to face some challenges while traveling alone to an unknown place. All you need to do is good research on the place where you are going to travel alone.

There are a lot of countries that are really very safe for solo travelers. Today I am going to share with you some of the best places to travel alone in Europe.

#1 Copenhagen-Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark. Being a small city, it is an ideal destination for solo travelers who love to explore a walkable place. The Danish people are very friendly to travelers and always welcome foreign travelers wholeheartedly.

Denmark is one of the safest countries in Europe to travel alone. Even at night, a solo traveler won’t feel insecure in this beautiful place in Europe. The mesmerizing city offers a perfect blend of old and new architecture, beautiful canals, enchanting castles, and some world-class restaurants.

Things to Do Alone in Copenhagen:

  • Keep open your Google Map and explore the old city of Copenhagen with fantastic museums, galleries and take some photos of stunning Danish architecture.
  • Take a boat tour in the city’s canals and enjoy a panoramic view of the city and know more about the city’s rich history.
  • You can take a 3-hour bike tour with other fellow travelers to explore the hidden local attractions by a friendly local guide.
  • While traveling alone in a small city like Copenhagen, the night can be boring sometimes. Copenhagen Pub Crawl is a great option to chill with other like-minded travelers.

Copenhagen | Best cities for solo travel in europeCopenhagen | Best cities for solo travel in europeCopenhagen-Denmark

Where to Stay in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen has plenty of hostels for visitors who travel alone.

#2 Oslo-Norway  

When choosing some of the best places to travel alone in Europe, Oslo just has to be on your list. Norway was considered the world’s happiest country in 2017 by the United Nations. This peaceful European country also has a lower crime rate that made this little country one of the best places to travel alone in Europe. Oslo, the capital city of Norway is not only popular among solo travelers, but it is also a place where you would like to visit with your friends and families.

From magnificent Fjords, spectacular mountains, stunning Scandinavian architecture to vibrant cultural heritage, Norway has a lot to offer its visitors. Most of the Norwegian people speak English and the country has an excellent public transportation system with extremely friendly locals.

Things to Do Alone in Oslo:

  • Norway is famous for its unreal beauty of Fjords that is a must-visit in Norway solo travel. You can discover charming landscapes, panoramic city views in a 2-hour sightseeing cruise in Oslo Fjord.
  • Solo travelers can visit Kirkeristen, a wonderful market of handicrafts and antiquities.
  • Explore the various museums in Oslo like the National Museum of Art, Viking Ship Museum Norwegian Folk Museum, Munch Museum etc.
  • If you are a solo backpacker, visit Oslo in winter. You will find it less crowded with amazing hotel deals and plenty of winter activities.

Norway | Best places to travel alone in europeNorway | Best places to travel alone in europeFjords in Norway

Where to Stay in Oslo:

Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. Finding cheap accommodation is quite difficult. Solo travelers can stay in a hostel or apartment that is comparatively cheaper than hotels.

#3 Interlaken-Switzerland

No crime, only cows. Yes, Switzerland is another safest country in Europe. If you are planning to start your solo travel in Europe, without any hesitation book a cheap flight to Zurich. I know Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. No need to be worried. I have a detail travel guide on Switzerland Solo Trip on a Budget where I have described how I traveled 8 cities in 8 days with just $1000.

There are so many beautiful places in Switzerland that you would love to travel alone. I will highly recommend traveling to Interlaken if you don’t have much time. This fairy tale mountain village is arguably one of the best places to visit in Europe for its natural scenic view of stunning snow-capped Swiss Alps, spectacular landscapes and countless waterfalls.

The transportation system is well organized throughout Switzerland. You can buy a Swiss Travel Pass for worry-free travel. You can ride on bus, boat and train with this pass. Even the Swiss travel pass covers the entry fee of most of the museums in Switzerland. While traveling solo in this beautiful country of Europe, Swiss travel pass will be your all-time companion.

Things to Do Alone in Interlaken:

  • Interlaken is a walkable town. Exploring the city on foot is one of the best among the free things to do in Interlaken.
  • If you are an adventure enthusiast, go for paragliding, skydiving, river rafting and many more adventure activities.
  • Hiking is another free thing to do in Interlaken. Enjoy the beautiful scenic view of Interlaken to Harder Kulm hike.
  • Visit the beautiful alpine village Lauterbrunnen. Some of the best waterfalls in Switzerland can be found here.
  • Book a ticket for a day trip to Jungfraujoch, one of the most popular places in Switzerland. The train journey to the top of Europe is itself very scenic. Enjoy a panoramic view of snowy Alps from the top of Jungfraujoch.

Grindelwald, SwitzerlandGrindelwald, SwitzerlandGrindelwald, Switzerland

Where to Stay in Interlaken:

Being an expensive city in Switzerland, it’s hard to find cheap accommodation in Interlaken. If you travel solo in Interlaken try to book a hostel in advance. Check out some of the best hostels in Interlaken for solo travelers and backpackers.

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#4 Stockholm-Sweden

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is another safest place to travel alone in Europe. Stockholm is an excellent choice for many backpackers traveling alone. The Swedish are very relaxed and always ready to extend their hands towards strangers.

Solo travelers can explore the city freely without any worry. Stockholm is an amazing stop if you want to spend some quality time with yourself. The city is enriched with wonderful experiences – the parks, the gardens, the harbor, the historic colored houses dating back hundreds of years.

Things to Do Alone in Stockholm:

  • Explore Gamla Stan(old city) and take some picture-postcard photos with the saffron-colored buildings, cobblestone streets under the clear blue sky.
  • It is better to rent a bike and explore the city while traveling alone in Stockholm. The city has bicycle lanes and paths throughout.
  • Visit the famous ABBA museum, Nobel museum, Skansen Open Air Museum etc.

Check out some of the Best Deals in Stockholm:

Stockholm-Sweden | Top pllaces to travel alone in EuropeStockholm-Sweden | Top pllaces to travel alone in Europe Stockholm-Sweden

Where to Stay in Stockholm:

Accommodation in Sweden is pretty expensive. Check out the rates of some of the best budget hostels.

#5 Amsterdam-Netherlands

Are you a party freak? Then you cannot skip Amsterdam while sorting out the best places to solo travel in Europe. It doesn’t mean that Amsterdam cannot be enjoyed if you are not a party lover. Beyond this, Amsterdam is a beautiful city in Netherland that you can explore on foot.

Amsterdam is also known as the Venice of the North for its countless canals and decorated little bridges. The city is popular as a romantic place in Europe. No need to be worried about the transportation system and safety while doing solo travel in Amsterdam as the city is extremely safe for female solo travelers too. The city is well connected with nearby places by bus, tram, metro, and train. Buy a public transport ticket that is valid in all mediums and explore the city.

10 Tips For Visiting Amsterdam as a Solo Traveler

Things to Do Alone in Amsterdam:

  • Getting lost in Amsterdam’s museums is a good choice for solo travelers. Among all the significant museums I will highly recommend buying a ticket for Van Gogh’s museum and get a chance to see hundreds of paintings, drawings and letters by the Dutch master.
  • The best way to explore Amsterdam is to rent a bike and tour along the beautiful cobbled streets and visit the local sightseeing at your own pace.
  • While traveling in Amsterdam don’t miss a scenic canal cruise by night. Discover the city with hundreds of bridges and iconic buildings along the canals.
  • A day in Amsterdam is incomplete without if you don’t experience the popular nightlife scene of the city. Buy a ticket and enjoy free entry to 16 clubs with a free welcome drink.
  • Don’t miss the famous walking tour in the Red Ligh District area of Amsterdam and explore the sinful streets, old church and new markets.

Canals in Amsterdam | Solo trip in european cityCanals in Amsterdam | Solo trip in european cityCanals in Amsterdam

Where to Stay in Amsterdam:

Check out some o the best hostels for solo travelers in Amsterdam where you get a chance to meet other solo travelers:

#6 Prague-Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe. This digital nomad city is extremely popular among honeymooners and couples for its natural beauty and ambiance, but it has a lot to offer solo travelers. You will find fairytale architecture throughout the city with lots of museums, monuments old clocks and bridges.

Prague is a safe place in Europe for solo travelers. Whenever you visit, you will be amazed by the beauty of the Czech Republic. Czech is the official language and widely used in the country. However, most of the Czech people can speak and understand English. Prague has an outstanding transportation system and all the popular sightseeing are within a walkable distance. That’s why I think Prague is one of the best places to travel alone in Europe.

Things to Do Alone in Prague:

  • Explore this one of the most beautiful cities in Europe by foot. Visit the old town of Prague and get an opportunity to see Gothic architecture. The old town square is a popular tourist place where you find some of the best sites of Prague such as Old Town Hall, Astronomical Clock and Gothic Church.
  • Pay a visit to Prague Castle. See the highlights of the castle including the Old Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, and the Golden Lane. To know about Prague castle I will recommend booking a small group tour with a local guide. You can save your time by skipping the line on a busy day in Prague.

Charming Prague CastleCharming Prague CastleCharming Prague Castle

Where to Stay in Prague:

The Czech Republic is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. Hence finding budget accommodation for a solo traveler is not a big deal. Check out some of the best hostels in Prague for solo travelers.

#7 Vienna- Austria

Are you fond of art, music, culture? Visit the imperial city, Vienna that is also the capital city of Austria. The city is blessed with amazing museums, stunning architecture, historical places, and sights. Austrian people are very friendly with strangers. Most of the people in Austria speak German, though English is also used in touristy places.

Vienna can be explored by foot and most tourist hotspots are well connected by bus, tram, and train. So the language and transport system won’t be a barrier for solo travel in Vienna. With an efficient transportation system and an endless list of sightseeing for any budget, Vienna is one of the best cities in Europe to travel alone.

Things to Do Alone in Vienna:

  • Explore the largest city of Austria by walking along the Danube river and various museums and monuments. You can also book a day tour with a local guide who will help you to know more about this historic city.
  • Enjoy a day trip to Schönbrunn Palace & Gardens. Following the tour, enjoy the short walk around the gardens and have a glimpse of the Gloriette.
  • Take a boat tour on the Danube canal. Explore the city and enjoy the panoramic view of Vienna from the boat.
  • You must try Austrian foods which are very delicious. I will highly recommend trying their popular dessert Apfelstrudel.

Hofburg Imperial Palace, ViennaHofburg Imperial Palace, ViennaHofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna

Where to Stay in Vienna:

#8 Budapest-Hungary

How can you ignore Budapest when it comes to travel as a solo traveler. Budapest is a charming capital city of Hungary located in Central Eastern Europe. I have enough not to skip this city from the list of ‘best places to travel alone in Europe’.

Being a little city, Budapest is pretty much a walkable place in Europe; the city is very easy to navigate and remarkably there are plenty of free things to do in Budapest for solo travelers. From buses and trams to four metro lines and suburban railway, public transport in Budapest is very easy and money-saving.

Budapest is an ideal solo destination in Europe to enjoy the incredible Hungarian cuisine, rich culture, and vibrant nightlife. Although Hungarian is the official language in Budapest, luckily most of the people can understand and speak English. However, Budapest is a very safe place in Europe for female solo travelers that made I one of the cheapest European countries to live in for digital nomads. Still, you must ensure your basic safety precaution. Be careful whenever traveling to a touristy area.

Things to Do Alone in Budapest:

  • 3 days in Budapest is enough to explore this beautiful city. It is divided by the Danube river – Buda and Pest. Go for a Danube river cruise which offers a fantastic view of the city with World Heritage sites. Enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the city while the sail passes through Watertown, Margaret Island, the Castle Hill, Gellért Hill and the Citadel.
  • Visit the Hungarian Parliament – the landmark building of Budapest. This Gothic Revival-style building is the third-largest parliament building in the world. The interior design is very impressive with a spectacular central staircase and great vaulted hall. Book your guided tour to the Hungarian Parliament from here.
  • Thermal spring bath and Spa treatments are must-do things in Budapest. Enjoy a relaxing ‘me time’ in the stunning outdoor pools. Book your full-day ticket from here.

Chain Bridge at Budapest- best places in Europe to travel aloneChain Bridge at Budapest- best places in Europe to travel aloneChain Bridge at Budapest

Where to Stay in Budapest:

There are plenty of hostels and hotels to stay in Budapest. Pest side of the city is quite a popular place among solo travelers. Buda side is also a good option to stay in Budapest. Here can see numerous hostels and Airbnbs, nicely located, well furnished at a cheap price.

#9 Munich – Germany

Munich, the capital city of Germany is another great place in Europe for the first time solo travelers. Traveling solo in Germany is very easy and fun. Pretty much everywhere in Germany is very safe for solo travelers. The public transportation system is too good, so there are no worries about being stranded alone somewhere. You can walk most places or take the trams which are very easy to figure out.

There you will find cheap hostels at every corner of the city. From visiting the galleries, joining an alternative street art tour to shopping at the flea markets, Germany has plenty of things to do alone. The locals are generally helpful to tourists, English is widely spoken – Germany just checks all of the boxes for the solo travelers.

Things to Do Alone in Munich:

  • The first thing you should do when you are visiting Munich alone is head to Marienplatz, the main city center. You will notice the unique style of Bavarian culture in this amazing historical location. You shouldn’t miss Hofbrauaus, a traditional beer hall where Hitler gave his first speech.
  • Visit the Dachau Concentration Camp, one of the first concentration camps in Nazi Germany. It’s located just outside of Munich and can be accessed by Munich transit.
  • There are many museums in Munich to visit. Deutsches Museum is the biggest natural science museum in Europe, a perfect museum if you are a Science student. BMW Headquarters and Museum is a must-see for any car enthusiasts.
  • Germany has some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. If you visit in winter, you must explore any of these Christmas markets – Munich, Cologne or Nuremberg.

Best solo travel destinations in Europe | Marienplatz, MunichBest solo travel destinations in Europe | Marienplatz, MunichMarienplatz, Munich

Where to Stay in Munich:

It is recommended to stay near Marienplatz, the heart of the city, to access plenty of great restaurants, beer halls, street shows, and architectural wonders. Ample accommodations are available there to suit any budget.

  • Euro Youth Hostel (Budget hostel in Budapest)
  • Wombats Hostel Munich (Mid-range hostel)
  • Hotel Deutsche Eiche (Private room)

#10 Venice – Italy

Venice should always be at the top of your Italy bucket list. Although solo travelers tend to avoid Venice as it has a reputation for being a romantic city. However, despite intimate couples’ gondola rides and the city’s propensity for romance, there are so many things to do alone in Venice.

A two day Venice itinerary is perfect to experience this UNESCO world heritage site which is perfect to explore on foot. The locals are amazing and friendly. Expect to talk to shopkeepers and for people to offer directions if you look a little lost. It is a touristic place, so no need to worry about safety. The transportation system in Venice is either on foot or on water. Waterbus tickets are 7 Euro which is valid for 1 hour.

Things to Do Alone in Venice:

  • Venice is a small city, you can walk it in several hours. Go for a walking city tour, explore the city canals, coloring houses and learn about the city’s history and culture.  
  • Visit St. Mark’s Square, the heart of Venice. Spend some time just by watching people and feeding the pigeons.
  • Venice is famous for its beautiful churches and basilicas. Don’t miss the San Marco Basilica, a magnificent cathedral in Italy. Some other popular churches are Santa Maria Della Salute, Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari, San Giorgio Maggiore.

Best Places to Travel Alone in Europe | Venice ItalyBest Places to Travel Alone in Europe | Venice ItalyVenice, Italy

Where to Stay in Venice:

Finding cheap accommodation can be painful in the historical part of Venice, it’s still much more convenient than trying to stay on the mainland. For cheaper options, try to stay in hostels near the Santa Lucia Station, in the northern part of the city.

  • Generator Venice (Budget hostel in Budapest)
  • Ostello S. Fosca – CPU Venice Hostels (Mid-range hostel)
  • Combo Venezia (Private room)


Best Places to Travel Alone in Europe in 2021Best Places to Travel Alone in Europe in 2021

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Europe With Kids – Top 10 Places for an Amazing European Family Vacation


Best Places To Visit On Your European Family Holidays

So you want to visit Europe with kids?   But where on earth do you go-with such a huge continent and hundreds of interesting cities to travel to?   Well look no further-choose from these 10 best places for your European family holidays.

Europe is quite easy to explore. There are budget airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair that offer heavily discounted flights between cities.  You can also travel by Eurorail and get multi city passes with discounts for children.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Europe With Children

Barcelona, Spain

Teeanger at Guell Park in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best places to visit in Europe with kids.  This city has whimsical architecture from the famous Spanish artist Gaudi. Kids can play in Guell Park and see the mosaic lizard! Football fans will have a great time touring Camp Nou stadium (home to FC Barcelona).  Toddlers will be entertained by the Magic Fountain.

Crete, Greece

Little Boy in Crete Harbour

Crete is one of the beautiful Greek islands. With gorgeous bright blue waters and sandy beaches this is a great place to travel to on your Europe family holidays.  Teenagers will enjoy a cooking class to learn to make tasty Greek food! Visiting an olive oil farm, a glass bottom boat ride and riding a horse through the olive groves are some of the fun family friendly activities.

Rome, Italy

Family at Colloseum in Rome

Rome is a must do on your Europe family travel. This city has great food, a fascinating history and great boutique shopping.  Babies and toddlers will love the yummy gelato (Italian ice cream), children will enjoy riding an electric bike in Borghese park and teenagers will like exploring the Colosseum, a Wonder of the World! 

Istanbul, Turkey

Boy in Mosque in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world and a great place to visit in Europe with kids. East meets West here as the city straddles both Asia and Europe. Your teenagers will love exploring the exotic Grand Bazaar and children will like the eerie Basilica Cistern. You can have a family hamam (Turkish bath).

London, United Kingdom

Father and Daughter in London

London is a great city to visit on your Europe family trip. Babies and toddlers will love seeing the changing of the guard, children will enjoy the scary London Dungeons and your teenagers will have a blast riding the London Eye. Don’t forget to stop at a sweet shop for some yummy chocolate and candy!

Prague, Czech Republic

Child in Prague

Prague is a historic town with fairytale castles. Babies and toddlers will have fun chasing the peacocks in the royal gardens, children will be enchanted by a horse and carriage ride through the cobblestone streets.  Teenagers will have a great time riding a bobsleigh down the hill! Don’t miss out on Prague on your family travels to Europe

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


Tenerife is one of the sunny Canary Islands. Enjoy a beach family holiday in Europe with a Spanish twist.  Your teenagers can learn to surf, babies and toddlers will adore the animal parks and children will have a great time at the water parks! Finish your day with some tasty tapas!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Family Bike Ride In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city to visit in Europe with kids. There are lots of quirky museums and you can explore the canals on a pedal boat. Teenagers will be fascinated by Anne Frank’s house after reading her diary in school. Children will like the treasure hunt at the Van Gogh museum. Babies and toddlers will enjoy the flower market.

Paris, France

teenager in paris

Paris is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe with kids. Kids love seeing the gargoyles on the Notre Dame church, climbing the Eiffel tower and riding a carousel in one of the beautiful Paris parks.  Stop by a bakery to pick out one of the yummy mini cakes or chocolate croissant.

Venice, Italy

little girl in venice

Venice is a unique town with canals instead of streets! Children will love a gondola ride. You can stay on nearby Lido island and enjoy the beaches and bike rides through the villages. Don’t miss the tour of the Murano glass factory and feeding pigeons in the square. Great place to travel to in Europe with kids.

Enjoy your European family vacation! Be sure to come back and share your photos and memories!

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10 Best Places To Travel Alone In The USA In 2021


What are the safest places to travel alone in the USA? Solo travel in the United States, especially for women, can be incredibly intense, rewarding and interesting. If you love solo traveling and looking for some of the best places to travel alone in the USA – you’ve arrived at the right place.

The United States of America is a great destination for solo travelers. It’s pretty safe, easy to travel around and it’s absolutely full of lots of things to do alone. We have also considered how much cheap it is for budget solo travelers and backpackers, how social and how welcoming the locals were.

Keeping all in mind, I’ve put together a list of some of the best and cheap places to consider if you’re traveling alone to the US.



This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay any extra penny, but I’ll get a small commission that encourages me to deliver more helpful content for you.


San Francisco is a fantastic vacation spot to travel alone as the locals are super friendly and welcoming to outsiders. It is one of the most romantic cities in California. San Francisco is a beautiful US city for solo backpackers with different districts to explore, comfortable tourist spots to people-watch, and the best vistas in the country.

It is very safe for female solo travelers too but I will recommend avoiding Tenderloin at night. Like any other place in the world, you must ensure your basic safety precaution.

San Francisco is a city with sunny weather most of the time and perfect for solo travelers looking for adventure activities. From Muni (light rail, buses, streetcars, cable cars) to BART (subway), public transport in San Francisco is very easy and not so expensive. It just costs $2 for one way journey in Muni.

Best Things to do Alone in San Francisco

  • Exploring the museums in San Francisco will allow you to know more information about this beautiful city. Must-visit museums in San Francisco – San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.
  • Even if you visit SanFrancisco for one day, you should not miss the world-famous ‘The Golden Gate Bridge’. You can take some of the best Instagram photos from this popular landmark in San Francisco.
  • Some hotels or hostels of San Francisco offer their guests a free walking tour. Don’t miss it if you are a budget solo traveler. It allows visitors to know more about the city’s history and to meet new people. Don’t forget to buy some unique San Francisco souvenirs.
  • The biggest highlight is Alcatraz Penitentiary, one of America’s highest security prisons. Book your ferry tickets way in advance.

 The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco | Cheap vacations spots for solo travelers in USA The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco | Cheap vacations spots for solo travelers in USA The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Where to Stay in San Francisco

While traveling solo, accommodation sharing is the best choice to know other travelers as well as to save some bucks. Check out the rate of some of the best budget hostels in San Francisco.


No matter when you are traveling, New York can be one of the best places for solo travelers in the US. This popular US city might be always filled with the crowd but still, you can find some places to travel alone in New York.

New York City is very easy to navigate and offers endless shopping options, sightseeing and buzzing eateries

Solo travelers are pretty safe in New York. Violent crime is very rare here, especially against tourists.

As mentioned earlier, New York is very easy to navigate and a perfectly walkable city. Cycling is the cheapest(free) way of getting around the city. Buses are widely available throughout the city. Visitors can take subway rides in the NYC subway.

Best Things to do Alone in New York

  • There are plenty of things to do in New York. The Brooklyn Bridge is the most significant icon of the city. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge offers a stunning view of the NYC skyline. Taking a selfie with the iconic bridge is a must if you are a selfieholic.
  • Hire a bike from Columbus Circle or Central Park Bike Tours and cycle around the huge Central Park – you can visit Jackie Onassis Lake, Gapstow Bridge, the leafy canopy of The Mall, and Bethesda Fountain.
  • Visit One World Observatory, the highest point of NYC. It offers a 360-degree stunning view of the entire city.
  • If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, take some time out in New York Public Library. Solo travelers can take a free building tour that lasts around an hour.
  • If you are on a long vacation, you must visit Beacon, Woodstock, and Shelter Island – some popular day trips from NYC.

best places to travel alone in the USA | Brooklyn, New Yorkbest places to travel alone in the USA | Brooklyn, New YorkBrooklyn, One of the best places for solo travel in the USA

Where to Stay in New York as a Solo Traveler

Book your hostel anywhere in Manhattan where public transport is pretty much available. Check out the list of some of the best accommodation in New York for solo travelers.

Read Also to Save Money while Traveling:


From upbeat downtown, vibrant night parties to friendly locals and cheap local transport, Nashville, the ‘Country Music Capital of the World’, is one of the best places to travel alone in the USA.

If you are traveling alone in the US and looking for a party and live music, Nashville is the place to be. The Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority offers public transit service with over 40 bus routes for central Tennessee. The regular bus service costs around $1.7 and $408 for a day pass.

Best Things to do Alone in Nashville

  • Once you reach to Nashville, you will get to know why the place is called the Music City. Enjoying live music is the must-do activities in Nashville. From Jazz to pop, you will find every genre under the sun.
  • The best way to know Nashville is to take a self-guided walking tours. Explore the musical city and see the stars honoring Hank Williams, Dolly Parton and other greats.
  • There are ample museums in Nashville for art lovers. Some of the best museums in Nashville – the Country Music Hall of Fame, Th Hermitage, Frist Art Museum, and The Parthenon.
  • Hikers have the options for more than 100 magnificent hiking trails with gorgeous greenery and beautiful scenery.

Live Music at Nashville | best places to travel solo in USLive Music at Nashville | best places to travel solo in USLive Music at Nashville

Where to Stay in Nashville as a Solo Traveler

Hotels near downtown are comparatively expensive than hotels near to the airport. To save your budget, I will recommend staying in a hostel. It not only saves your hard-earned money but also offers an opportunity to know other fellow travelers.


Maui is one of the cheapest romantic places in the USA and a top choice for honeymooners and couples. It is equally beautiful for solo travelers for the ultimate freedom in a place with raw natural beauty and adventure. If you plan well in advance, Hawaii cost won’t break your bank.

Maui is pretty safe for single travelers. The crime rate at Maui is very low as compared to other popular places in the US. If you are a beach lover, Maui must be your next destination for a solo trip.

Best Things to do Alone in Maui

  • Maui has some of the best jaw-dropping hiking trails in Hawaii. It is recommended to go on a group hike in Maui to feel safe and see private trails. The lush landscapes, waterfalls and volcanic craters re really worth hike in Maui.
  • Surfing in Maui one of the coolest things to do in Maui. Don’t be frightened. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you must give it a try.
  • Go for snorkeling in the Molokini Crater which is a partially submerged volcanic crater.
  • Indulge in whale watching in Maui. It is expensive but surely it will be a memorable lifetime experience.
  • Enjoy the shimmering sunset from Kaanapali.

Maui | solo travel destination in the USAMaui | solo travel destination in the USAMaui

Where to Stay in Maui as a Solo Traveler

Maui has plenty of hostels and budget accommodations for solo travelers and backpackers. Check out the rate and availability:


New Orleans, which happens to be considered one of America’s friendliest places, can provide travelers with an incredible experience.

If you are the first timer and looking for some of the best places to travel solo in the USA – book your flight tickets to New Orleans.

Check out this article on how to find cheap flights from anywhere.

Many travelers think that New Orleans is only a party destination. But beyond these New Orleans is the most unique city in America with the best food culture and ample tourist attractions.

The locals are very friendly, warm and welcoming. New Orleans is not a large city. You can get around the city mostly on foot. You can ride the local buses or streetcars which are pretty cheap. A whole day Jazzy Pass costs just $3.

Best Things to do Alone in New Orleans

  • There are plenty of free things to do in New Orleans. Take a stroll along Bourbon Street. You will find a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, gift shops by the street. Visit the French Quarter, one of the most visited tourist attractions in New Orleans for vibrant nightlife and entertainment.
  • Don’t miss the National WW2 Museum which is also considered as one of the best museums in the world. See the historical exhibits and learn the story of the American Experience in the world war – why it was fought, how it was won, and what it means. Book your ticket in advance to avoid the queue.
  • Visit the Garden District which is just 4 km away from the French Quarter. It is a refreshing place with great mansions, beautiful greenery, and innumerable shopping opportunities.
  • Go for a walk in the most notable park in New Orleans – Audubon Park and City Park.
  • Art lovers can visit the New Orleans Museum of Art that offers beautiful paintings, sculptures, glass items and historical objects.

New Orleans | Best places solo female travelers in the united statesNew Orleans | Best places solo female travelers in the united statesTrams on the street of New Orleans

Where to Stay in New Orleans as a Solo Traveler

Finding cheap accommodation in New Orleans is not a big deal. Hotels and hostels near the French Quarter are a little bit pricey. Here is some of the best accommodation you can check before travel:


Some solo travelers are extremely fond of food. For them, Atlanta can be an ideal solo vacation spot with innumerable dining options to choose from.

So, is it all about food and a busy airport? Obviously Not. With its rich historical importance, great neighborhoods, and amazing gastronomic offerings, Atlanta has a lot to offer solo travelers.

You don’t have to worry about local transport in Atlanta. City’s public transport system MARTA is the most efficient way to get around the city.

Best Things to do Alone in Atlanta

  • The historic Fox Theater is one of the best tourist attractions in Atlanta which is a movie house from 1929. Take a guided tour to have a glimpse behind the scenes at some of the building’s most unique architectural features.
  • Walking along the Atlanta Beltline is a must-do thing for first-time visitors. There are events throughout the year. Solo travelers, who are looking for free things, can spend a great afternoon here.
  • Adventure seekers can go for a hike to Stone Mountain. From the top, it offers breathtaking views of the city and all the green in Georgia.
  • Fernbank Museum of Natural History is a great museum for the history buff. It is home to dinosaurs, a Star Gallery and a large theater with four storey screen.

Atlanta Beltline | solo vacation spots in USAAtlanta Beltline | solo vacation spots in USAAtlanta Beltline

Where to Stay in Atlanta as a Solo Traveler

There is definitely no shortage of world-class hotels in Atlanta. If you travel alone in Atlanta and are looking for cheap accommodation, you might have to struggle to find some budget accommodation in Atlanta:


When it comes to choosing a safe place to visit alone, Austin must be in the upper position of the list. It’s a great destination for single travelers and an easy place to feel comfortable.

Austin is one of those US cities which are quickly becoming one of the best travel destinations in the USA. The cool cafes, friendly vibes and charming downtown of Austin are perfect for solo travelers.

Downtown Austin can be explored on foot. However, renting a bike is the best and cheapest way to get around the city. Metro bus ticket is also cheap. You can buy a day pass at $2.50.

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Best Things to do Alone in Austin

  • Discover the famous landmarks and charming sightseeing of Austin on a guided bike tour. Pedal through the city and visit Zilker Park, Lady Bird Lake. Take some stunning pictures of Austin skyline.
  • Go for a hike along the scenic Barton Creek Greenbelt and see the Flats, Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls. There is also plenty of adventure activities such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking etc.
  • Diving into Barton Springs Pool is another popular activity that a solo traveler can enjoy in Austin. This natural water pool stays a chilly 68 degrees all year round.
  • While in Austin, you should not miss Live music crawl with local musicians and explore Austin’s diverse music scene.
  • Enjoy a jaw-dropping sunset from the top of Mount Bonnell.

Downtown Austin solo vacation places in USADowntown Austin solo vacation places in USADowntown Austin

Where to Stay in Austin as a Solo Traveler

Austin is getting popularity day by day which results in ample tourist accommodation here on all budgets. Check out the price and availability:


Philadelphia is one of the best and cheapest places in the USA for solo female travelers where you don’t need to do much plan. Traveling solo in Philadelphia is relatively easy. It is also known as ‘City of Brotherly Love’.

The local people are very friendly with tourists. Philadelphia is pretty much safe for single women. Although it is recommended to stay within the tourist area. Public transport is very good in Philly. It’s an easy city to walk. If walking is not your thing, use the subway system.

Best Things to do Alone in Philadelphia

  • Solo travelers must take a hop-on hop-off bus tour and discover the signature landmarks of Philadelphia tat your own pace. Visit the Independence Hall, Ben Franklin’s Grave and many more.
  • Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The museum has a good selection of pieces by Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso and Cézanne. Spend an hour watching the impressive paintings there.
  • Independence Hall is the most iconic and significant building of Philadelphia where independence was declared in 1776. Take a guided tour(free) to know more information about it.
  • The Rocky Statue and the Rocky Steps unarguably two of the most popular attractions in Philadelphia. Take some selfies with the Rocky Statue.

 Hop-on hop-off bus tour in Philadelphia Hop-on hop-off bus tour in Philadelphia Hop-on hop-off bus tour in Philadelphia

Where to Stay in Philadelphia as a Solo Traveler

Check out some of the best accommodation for solo travelers in Philadelphia :


Even inexperienced solo travelers will find navigating the streets of Washington DC a breeze. It is the capital of the United States. The city is very walkable and the streets are lined with heroic figures and historical landmarks.

DC boasts countless free museums, the National Mall and towering monuments and many more. You can use buses and rail in the DC area as local transport. Circulator buses are cheap($1) and tourist-friendly and run to all of the key destinations in the city.

Be careful when riding alone on public transportation. Keep an eye on your belongings. Washington DC is safe until and unless you maintain the basic safety precautions.

Best Things to do Alone in Washington DC

  • There are several museums that are free in DC. Among all the fantastic museums and impressive monuments, I will highly recommend visiting Newseum at first. It features fascinating exhibits about current events in the United States and around the world.
  • You can take a bike tour along the National Mall and the Potomac Tidal Basin. Visit the significant tourist attractions like presidential and war memorials and take a break to explore the monuments.
  • If you are a bookworm person, you would definitely love to visit the Library of Congress. It has over 32 million books and printed works in 470 languages. Even if the book is not your thing, you will admire the beauty of this architectural building.
  • Visit the Washington Monument which is the iconic symbol of Washington DC. Take a breathtaking panoramic view from the top of the city.
  • Experience the best of Washington DC at night with a nighttime trolley tour. See the most popular monuments of the US capital illuminated at night. Visit the Lincoln Memorial, the Martin Luther King Memorial, and the World War II Memorial.

Washington Monument | Best US cities for solo travelWashington Monument | Best US cities for solo travelWashington Monument

Where to Stay in Washington DC as a Solo Traveler

Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, McPherson Square, and Penn Quarter are the safe area to stay in Washington DC. For cheap accommodation look to the nearby suburbs of Bethesda, Alexandria, Arlington, and Silver Spring.


With a unique combination of stunning hiking trails, great food and gorgeous beaches, Los Angeles is one of the best places for solo vacations in the USA. With so many tourist attractions and amazing museums, Los Angeles will have you so busy that you won’t ever feel alone.

This is the only US city where renting a car is highly recommended to visit all the tourist attractions. It is relatively cheap, but you should book in advance to get a great deal. Public transportation is also affordable here. The public transit system consists of Metro Buses, Metro Rail and Trains DASH Buses. You can use Tap Card to ride any of these.

Best Things to do Alone in Los Angeles

  • Hit the beaches. Spend some alone time laying on the sand, walk around the little shops or you can play beach volleyball. Popular beaches include Santa Monica, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, and Hermosa Beach.
  • If you are looking for some adrenaline-pumping activities, LA has plenty of hiking trails. I will recommend going for the Griffith Observatory hike which offers a jaw-dropping panoramic view from the top. You will also get a fabulous view of the Hollywood sign from here.
  • If you rent a car for your trip, you can take a scenic drive through Los Angeles’s canyon roads or the famous Mulholland Drive. Check out the ultimate road trip essentials before starting your road adventure.
  • LA boasts some fantastic modern art museums and science museums which are perfect for some alone time. Some of the most visited museums in Los Angeles are the Grammy Museum, Natural History Museum, Museum of Death, and Museum of Broken Relationships.
  • From Historic Bradbury Building, incredible architecture to exploring unique pieces of modern art, and several coolest street art; there are plenty of fun things to do in Downtown LA.

Shops at Los Angeles | Best solo travel destinations in USAShops at Los Angeles | Best solo travel destinations in USAShops at Los Angeles

Where to Stay in Los Angeles as a Solo Traveler

Check some of the best accommodations for solo travelers in LA.




Best of New York Museums to Visit on a New York Tour


The global city of New York, renowned for its zeal and dynamism allures travellers from every corner of the world. The city is a fascinating example of various nations pleasantly thriving together. New York City is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and offers loads of attractions and sightseeings to enjoy which also include a myriad of museums. These museums are the perfect way to experience the city’s eclectic amalgam of modernity, creativity, history, and multiculturalism. New York City’s enthralling collection of museums can become quite overwhelming when it comes to deciding which ones to visit. However, on a visit to New York City, we suggest these handpicked museums as a must visit attractions to be included in your holiday.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of ArtAlso known as ‘The Met’, Metropolitan Museum of art located on the eastern side of Central Park offers an amazing peek into New York City’s interest in art. This massive museum represents art and history spanning over 5000 years. With over 2 million art exhibits from around the world, this New York art museum preserves paintings, sculptures and artifacts right from the early origins of Egyptian era to present day American art scene. Its extensive collection features famous works from artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Rembrandt to name a few. Metropolitan Museum of Art annually attracts about 5 million visitors making it one of the most popular places to visit in New York. Its sheer vastness makes it impossible to view the entire collection in one go. However, it is recommended to take the Museum Highlights tour which gives you a gist of some significant selection of artworks in the museum. Also, if the weather is clear, check out the rooftop garden for some stunning installations and amazing New York City skyline views.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Solomon R. Guggenheim MuseumOne among the internationally acclaimed network of museums, Guggenheim museum has a branch in New York which offers a comprehensive collection of abstract and modern art. The museum’s inverted-ziggurat structure matches perfectly with its contemporary themed exhibits of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early Modern and contemporary art. Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, this shell shaped architectural marvel by Frank Lloyd Wright is an iconic landmark and one of the things to see in New York City.  The museum allures millions of art lovers annually and is home to incomparable artworks of artists like Miro, Van Gogh, Chagall to name a few. Every Saturday evenings, visitors can enjoy a museum tour on ‘pay-what-you-wish’ admission.

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art, NYCLocated in Midtown Manhattan, the Museum of Modern Art or MoMA boasts of having one of the largest collections of modern and contemporary art in the world. It has the reputation of representing the best artworks in modern art and is supposedly the most expensive museum in New York City costing around 25$ per head. Its vast range of collection varies from paintings, photographs, sculptures to films, documentaries and books. Visitors can enjoy the exhibits with free audio tours to get more information about the displays. This New York museum is considered as an immense influence on modern art lovers and is always usually crowded. It is recommended to beat the rush and enjoy visiting this museum on private tours in early morning hours to avoid the swell of the crowd during peak hours. Every Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm, the admission to MoMA is free of cost.

New-York Historical Society

New-York Historical SocietyRevolving around American History, New-York Historical Society is the oldest and New York’s first museum founded in the year 1804. The exhibits and programs explore the rich historical saga of New York City and its nation America. Located at Central Park West, the New York History museum’s Roman styled structure itself is a magnificent sight to watch. Its collection includes historic assortments, documents and photographs, interactive programs as well as renowned artworks of Thomas Cole, Gilbert Stuart, Rembrandt Peale, and watercolour paintings by John James Audubon notably known as ‘Birds of America’. The museum is also home to one of the oldest libraries in the nation, Children’s history museum, Centre for women’s history which is the first of its kind in America.

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural HistoryThis colossal science museum is an expansive labyrinth of 28 buildings that house massive galleries filled with over 33 million species of flora and fauna, wildlife and geological elements. Situated at Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York, American Museum of Natural History solely concentrates on exploring and gathering information about the natural world and human race throughout its evolution. Some highlights of this sprawling museum are the fossil halls, the Butterfly Conservatory, Dark Universe show, Harry Frank Guggenheim Hall of Gems and Minerals, and the cultural halls. In addition to 45 exhibition halls, the American Museum of Natural History also has a planetarium and a research library. The best time to visit the museum is in late afternoons or early Sunday mornings to avoid tourist crowds.

Among the many New York points of interests, adding a trip to New York’s museums lets you witness objects and artworks speak tales of the city’s evolution to a global city and the country’s progression. The transition of the city’s past to its present and its outlook towards the future is sure to amaze you. So next time you apply for US visa and shortlist New York’s must-see attractions, add a touch of edutainment by including few of the city’s fascinating collection of museums and get to know about what New York City is really made up of.

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